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Chairman Oration

With Historical Value, Strive for Glorious Future
    The former of New Head Line Development Group Co., Ltd., an investment company of Lianyungang economic and technological development zone, was founded in 1994. With the reform and opening-up, NewHeadLine Group firmly grasps the opportunity of opening, a large scale of construction and big development initiated by the city and makes a great progress. The registered capital has grown from 1 billion Yuan to 10.5 billion Yuan, the net asset is increasing from 1 billion Yuan to 12.37 billion Yuan, and the calculated tax is more than 400 million Yuan .The financing method has changed from indirect financing depending on the banks to a creative way of direct financing of indirect financing among banks and issuance of company bond. The total capital of the group has grown from 2.8 billion Yuan to 24 billion Yuan, thus quickly becoming the largest investment and financing platform of the city, and making big contribution to this city and eastern district. This is an important monument for the company. At present, NewHeadLine Group is competitive in this city as well as North Jiangsu, and has the conditions for further development into a large-sized group.
    In general, Lianyungang city has experienced repositioning, outlining, and advancing on the whole, and solved issues that are related to the current and development of Lianyungang, such as the strategic space layout, the choice the development method, and further development of important issues. Its strategic place gets outstanding in the province and the whole country.
    At present, the development of Lianyungang is at a critical moment when everything is about to get started. Especially the measures turning Lianyungang into the East, middle and the West co-operation zone and the experimentally innovative city put Lianyungang at a position that is about to experience quick development. Lianyungang is currently focusing upon such goals as promoting the innovative economy and the innovative city, cultivating a regional zone consisting of shipping, business, finance, information, logistics and travelling, building a culturally influential city, making an worldly attractive economic shining spot, and becoming a super-large harbor central city connecting Shanghai with Qingdao. The coastal development of Jiangsu is now becoming one of the strategies of the country, thus bringing a rare developmental opportunity as well as assigning big developmental mission to Lianyungang.
    NewHeadLine Group should be a major part, shoulder the heavy stuff, and voluntarily become “a leading solider for the coastal development of Jiangsu, a major army for the construction of Lianyun new district, a bridge for the east, middle and west cooperation, in the speedy development and innovative strategies of Lianyungang. The group will actively respond to the summoning of the municipal Party committee and city government, and continue to be empowered by the courage and fighting spirit. Besides, New Head Line group will also build a regional financial centre, and enhance the “the leading effect”, for the purpose of the revitalization of the northern Jiangsu, the upbringing of the middle area, and making contributions to the western Development.
    Shang Zhenjiang