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NewHeadLine Group successfully completed the assistance task of the 3rd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo

    From November 16-18, the 3rd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Lianyungang Expo”) which was hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce was solemnly opened at the Industrial Exhibition Center. The Property Management Company and National Exhibition Company, the subsidiaries of NewHeadLine Group, with rigorous attitude and high-quality service, successfully completed the venue rental, management and service tasks of this Expo together.

    In order to guarantee the smooth completion of the exhibition, according to the work arrangement of Management Committee and relevant requirements of Organizing Committee, combining with successful experiences in assisting the previous two expos, the Group made detailed arrangement to work division and responsibilities. Cooperating with public security officers, Property Management Company conducted safety inspection for about 5,000 personnel, arranged 610 cleaner to do well in the cleaning maintenance work of each venue, and assisted the main operator and pavilion supplier to complete 40 special decoration and the debugging of over 600 standard exhibition, complete the transportation, arrangement, suspension wire and installation of 260 desks and 800 chairs and provide all-around hot water, catering, tea, dessert and other services. The National Exhibition Company actively cooperated with exhibition operator to complete venue handover inspection and construction permit, reviewing and filing of access materials, inspected all engineering systems, such monitoring system and fire-fighting system, providing strong guarantee for the success of this Expo.

    It was informed that for this Expo, about 700 honored guests were invited, including ambassadors to China from 21 countries along the “B & R”, representatives of business institutions to China from 19 countries, over 200 national well-known entrepreneurs and think-tank experts. This activity not only is international economic, trade and logistics cooperation platform for “B & R”, but also is the important platform for improving brands in the development area and promoting economic and trade development.