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Chuangyi Kedai Company successfully listed on Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center

    On the morning of November 18, Chuangyi Kedai Company (enterprise code: 680012) solemnly held “Value Board” listing ceremony on Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center. Pan Yuanzhi, the director of Municipal Financial Services Office, Zhang Rukai, the branch leader of Administration Committee of the Municipal Development Area, Hu Zhi, the president of Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center, Zhan Xiang, the general manager of Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center, Zhang Jingfeng, the president of Provincial Jinchuang Re-Guarantee Company, Miao Xinzhi, the deputy general manager of Provincial Jinnong Company and representatives of shareholders of micro-credit companies participated in this ceremony.

    At the ceremony, Zhang Rukai, on behalf of the Development Area, expressed sincere gratitude to all guests. He stated that as the first micro-credit company listed on Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center in the whole province, Chuangyi Kedai Company will actively utilize the capital platform of Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center, always adhere to the business purpose of “Micro amount, convenience, flexibility and privilege”, to provide personalized financing services for medium, small and micro-sized enterprises and to become the new and technical micro-credit company with tight internal control, standard management, sufficient capital, scientific decision-making, sound operation and first-class service. He also required Chuangyi Kedai Company to fully grasp the development opportunities and play great role in home and abroad capital markets, becoming the “Leader” in micro-credit industry development in the whole province. Hu Zhi expressed warm congratulations for the listing of Chuangyi Kedai Company on the Equity Exchange. He stated that more services and supports will be provided for the development of Chuangyi Kedai Company taking the Equity Exchange as the platform.

    It was informed that Chuangyi Kedai Company was jointly invested and established by NewHeadChine Group, NewHeadLine Group, Shanghai Changlu Assets Management Company and Jiangsu ACE Investment Group. Since the establishment, the Company fully serves science and technology-based medium, small and micro-sized enterprises in the Development Area through microfinancing, equity investment and other modes, actively explored credit mechanisms and investment management mode applicable to science and technology-based medium, small and micro-sized enterprises. Currently, all business indicators of Chuangyi Kedai Company ranked No. 1 in the same industry of Lianyungang. In 2015, the Company was awarded as the “Class AA” enterprise by the Provincial Financial Service Office and was recommended as the only representative to participate in China Micro-credit Companies Association by the Municipal Financial Service Office.