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NewHeadLine Group was awarded with the “Civilized unit” of Lianyungang City

    On December 7, it was learned from the Municipal Civilization Office that NewHeadLine Group was awarded 2014-2015 Municipal Civilized Unit.

    In recent years, under the meticulous guidance of Working Committee and Civilization Office of the Area, taking that the City is taking efforts to become the national civilized city as the opportunity, centering on emphasizing leader group, leading the team, emphasizing learning, improving quality, emphasizing style and establishing visual work ideas, taking spirit of innovation and civilization construction activities as carrier, the Group sturdily carried out spiritual civilization construction activities, carefully held good moral lecture, deeply carried out moral practice, the poor assistance, voluntary service, enterprise culture activities, learning and saving type enterprise construction and other activities to form the good atmosphere in the Group that everyone is striving to be civilized and to promote construction. It further improved the civilization level of the units and the quality of civilization of staff officers, promoted the development of all businesses of the Group, established good social image and fully expressed new vitality and time spirit of the municipal civilized unit.