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All Groups Stably Promoted Investment Attraction after Uniting Together-sidelights on investment attraction work



    Opening the project information library of the Merchant Attraction and Investment Department, each record clearly displays the stage operation of each project, in which, footnotes made by the team in charge of each project are quite conspicuous. At the beginning of this year, the Merchant Attraction and Investment Department of NewHeadLine Group was re-founded and since then, by virtue of employee recruitment, the old guiding the new, reasonable coordination and grouped investment attraction, the original weak department characterized by individual combat grown to be a pragmatic team characterized by industry co-learning, visits by a team as a unit and simultaneous project promotion within a short period. During Shanghai Investment Attraction Season in this month, all members of the Merchant Attraction and Investment Department travelled for more than 40 day-times and then, they focused on three high-quality projects, received travelling merchants and conducted site investigation for four times, paid return visits to travelling merchants for implementation for four times, and seized and successfully won a batch of project proposals for investment characterized by high threshold, hard patent, powerful science and technology, broad market and huge potential, such as aeronautical wind tunnel, biological disease sample library and clinical healing drugs of lymphoma. Working efficiency of investment attraction rose a lot and advantages brought by grouped investment attraction were shown preliminarily.

    Among various projects, the aeronautical wind tunnel project attracted most attention of the team relying on its huge market demand, desirable development forecast and sufficient fund investment. Since taking over project information, the responsible team of the department immediately made preparations that they, within 25 days, completed a series of work related to investment attraction such as travel for visits, reception and investigation, return visits and research and study. During this period, the responsible team actively summarized and reported advantages of this project and progress of investment attraction. Wang Gang, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of the Development Area, Zhang Rukai, a member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of the Area and Tian Haipeng, a member of the Party Working Committee and Director Assistant of the Administration Committee of the Area attended and presided over the project meeting, which powerfully propelled project promotion and strengthened the work confidence of NewHeadLine employees in charge of investment attraction. At the same time, projects under control of other teams were also promoted and a series of work related to investment attraction such as visits to enterprises, reception of visitors and return visits for communication with regard to other projects, such as biological disease sample library, was completed. Projects were driven simultaneously through multiple channels, which further firmed the working policy of NewHeadLine in grouped investment attraction and simultaneous promotion.    In future, the Merchant Attraction and Investment Department of NewHeadLine will continue to establish and perfect the investment attraction working system characterized by grouped investment attraction. From the investment-attracting source of collecting high-quality project information, firm the working idea of the old leading the new and promoting from multiple channels, combine with the strategic deployment of the large health industry in our Area, adhere to the investment attraction concept of putting quality before quantity and selecting the optimal from the good, actively attract and contact a batch of high-quality projects with good economic benefits, high degree of science and technology and huge development potential by virtue of multiple forms, such as attracting investment through friends, agents, merchants and meetings, strive to cultivate the investment attraction team of NewHeadLine into a superior elite-attracting team with high comprehensive quality and powerful business ability and spare no efforts to realize NewHeadLine Group’s investment attraction target of achievements before acting as early as possible.                                                                                        (Sun Qianhao, Li Jiuyan and Yu Fei)