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XinHaiLian Group Investment Invitation in ShenZhen

    February 16th to 17, even the Xinhai group Party Secretary Li Qiong led the first group investment department in Shenzhen to carry out investment work, paid a visit to the Chinese peace group (Headquarters), the Branch Chong Financial Holding Group Co., Kyushu securities and many other financial enterprises, as well as health care and Health Technology Co. Ltd., Le Shou Braim Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen copper group and a number of "health" into the field of enterprise, capital leveraging investment channel development and a large field of health related industrial projects were investigated AC.

    During the talks, Li Qiong specialized in leveraging capital mode, professional development problems such as sources of information and the number of enterprises is discussed, and a detailed understanding of the new health care beds, medical complex paralysis and other large health industry projects.

    It is reported that the Shenzhen investment is the group investment and investment department reasonable construction group, after a group of investment for the first time after the action, to achieve the internal and external cooperation, multi project synchronization push forward the new situation. In the future, investment will further strengthen the team team construction, improve investment efficiency, make investment work more, go hand in hand, and strive to lead breakthrough investment projects landing, contribute to the industrial development in our region.