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A Team under the Leadership of Dong Chunke paid a Visit to Gangxin Garden Project

       A team under the leadership of Dong Chunke, as the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People Congress investigated the overall progress of the shanty town transformation project and they spent more time on the visit to Gaoxin Garden Settlement Community undertaken by Gaoke Company affiliated to the Group. He emphasized that, it was necessary to firmly promote project development surrounding the annual goal and tasks and guarantee construction of people's livelihood, so as to provide powerful support for urban development and peaceful life of the masses. The relevant leaders from the Development Zone and NewHeadLine Group also accompanied during this visit.


      Dong Chunke inspected actual construction progress of Gangxin Garden Community and he spoke highly of its construction after hearing the relevant introduction. He stated that, shanty town transformation construction was an important part of the livelihood project and promotion of its transformation was promotion of construction of the people’s livelihood. Both Gangxin Garden Settlement Project and other similar projects shall, for the sake of people’s vital interests, provide what they are in need of and resolve what they worry about, which is the fundamental gist of shanty town transformation project. In addition, he also required promoting transformation progress in accordance with higher, better and more comprehensive requirements.


It has been learned that, Gangxin Garden Community is a significant project concerning people’s livelihood in Houzui shanty town transformation engineering, which is developed and constructed by Lianyungang Gaoke Investment Development Co., Ltd. Once construction of this community comes to an end, it shall be used to settle residents whose old houses have been demolished and it is able to accommodate 864 households, which is a powerful boost to Houzui shanty town transformation.


All the responsible entities, including Houzui House Expropriation Command, the Development Zone Planning and Construction Bureau, Gaoke Company and Lianyungang NewHeadLine Property Service Co., Ltd., have initiated the preliminary preparations for allocation of Gangxin Garden settlement houses.


(Sun Haotian   Liu Yue   Liang Zhengwen)