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Chuangyi Kedai successfully Won the Special Award of Equity Transaction Capital

       No. 86 Document (SC [2017]) issued on November 23 demonstrated that, Chuangyi Kedai Company won RMB 200,000 equity market award and it is the only one micro-loan company winning this award in this city.


This financial award shall be determined after passing comprehensive evaluation of the city-level and district-level fiscal bureaus and financial offices, as well as written review conducted by a third-party accounting firm organized by the provincial fiscal department with regard to regulation indicators of units applying for this award. It has been learned that, this award declaration is more prudent than the past ones. The top 400 enterprises which have successfully listed in Jiangsu Equity Transaction Center and have completed annual auditing and information disclosure at the same time are screened out, among which, Chuangyi Kedai Company completed work in advance, actively submitted necessary materials and coordinated with the auditing department to organize site check. Finally, it successfully completed this declaration relying on most excellent performance under reasonably controlled risks and compliant operation.


Approval of this fiscal award not only demonstrate support for companies listed in the capital market, but also fully enrich the company’s reserve for loan risk, to improve its ability to resist market risk. Next, Chuangyi Kedai Company will further optimize and arrange funds, continuously innovate financial products and more efficiently serve medium, small and micro-sized enterprises in the Park so as to grow to be a new scientific micro-loan company characterized by top-level service.


(Yang Nian   Qiao Luming)