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Group Profile

    Jiangsu NewHeadLine Development Group Co.,Ltd., founded in 1994, is a state-owned enterprise approved by the Municipal People’s Government of Lianyungang. Its business scope covers state-owned assets operation and management within the authorization of the municipal government, industrial investment, outdoor gneiss mining, infrastructure development, real estate development, earth flattening, hydraulic engineering construction, sewage treatment,etc.
    The Company currently has 6 wholly owned subsidiaries, 5 holding subsidiaries, and 11 joint-stock companies, having become the largest investment & financing platform in Lianyungang. According to the strategic development goal of transforming and upgrading, the Company speeds up its pace of expanding its market and transforming into an entity. It has formed four industrial modules, infrastructure, finance and investment, real estate, and modern services. It focuses on becoming a regionally optimal and nationally first-class holding group with diversified investment, outstanding core competitiveness and strong sense of social responsibility.
    In recent years, taking the historical opportunity that multiple national development strategies overlay in Lianyungang and depending on the rapid development of the municipal Development Zone, the Company focuses on the infrastructure development and construction, and makes huge contribution to the development of regional economy. At the same time, the company itself also makes a great progress, and steadily improves its comprehensive strength. Flying like a bird across the sky and hopping like a fish in the sea, NewHeadLine Group will uphold its core value of “Based on Integrity, and Pursuing for Excellence”, and be concentrated, dedicated and         professional to paint a beautiful blueprint.