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    Since its foundation, NewHeadLine Group, as the undertaker of infrastructure construction in Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, designs a series of plannings with regionally high starting-point and internationally first-class standards as the blueprint, and provides the powerful guarantee and solid foundation for the development and construction of the whole district. NewHeadLine Group undertakes the task of constructing a series of matched infrastructures in Lianyungang Development Zone, such as roads, industrial parks, etc. It has completed constructions of a 76-square-kilometer emerging industrial park surrounding the port with a high standard, and the whole “three-transverse and seven-vertical” main road frame involving Huaguo Mountain Avenue and Huanghai Avenue. In addition, it has synchronously matched infrastructures near Fushu Port, such as transformer station, tap water pressure station, etc., filled back fields that are accumulated to about 70,000 mus, demolished a construction area of about one million square meters, and afforested an area of 4 million square meters, building a first-class park.
    The established Lianyungang export processing zone is added with a function of bonded logistics, and phase II project has been checked and qualified by the customs. The construction of Lianyungang Xincheng Demonstration District with an area of 10 square kilometers has been commenced, and it will become the first to transcend from the "North Jiangsu Era" into the "Coastal Era". At the same time, Lian Yungang East Railway Station Square has been built and put into use, and the high school in the Development Zone also has been built and begun to recruit, which greatly optimizes the investment environment of the Development Zone. The successive improvements of infrastructures attract a number of projects to locate in the park. Five-starred Sheraton Hotel, Kaicheng Golf International Community, and Guangshen, Delan, and Yikai commercial markets have been built for openings, and the construction of East China international Commercial Center is being accelerated. Many modern communities, such as Jiuhe International New City, have been successively built. Projects invested by national leading enterprises in commercial real estate, such as Shanghai Greenland Construction Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou HeungKong Investment Development Co., Ltd., have been commenced, making the Development Zone’s image of a core district in the international coastal city clearer .