Municipal green and stone mini

    NewHeadLine Group’s mining industry is subject to Hushan mine area in Lianyungang Development Zone. This mine area, located at the crossing of East Avenue and Guxu Road in Lianyungang Development Zone, is a large state-owned quarry, with its focus on soil-rock mining and integration of gneiss sale (main business) and blasting, as well as one of the quarries with the most convenient traffic, the most competitive ability to supply matched building stones and materials. Since it was founded in 2011, due to scientific management and professional labor distribution, the quarry has supplied stable high-quality stones for building constructions in the Development Zone and Lianyun Xincheng Community, etc.. Over these years, we always adhere to the philosophy of being honest and benefiting customers, and impress customers with our integrity and high-quality service, having won trust and praise from most customers.