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Real Estate Business

    After developing for more than two decades, NewHeadLine Group’s real estate industry has formed a parallel development pattern of residential real estate development as its principal business, and commercial real estate management and affordable housing construction as its complements. Lianyungang High-tech Investment Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NewHeadLine Group, is mainly responsible for real estate development industry.
    Since 2004, the Group has undertaken the task of constructing affordable housing in the Development Zone. In accordance with the unitary planning made by the government, it has successively constructed seven resettlement residential communities of Fanzhuang, Tenghuayuan, Xinguang, etc.. In recent years, the Group has also begun to engage in affordable housing construction. According to the state's relevant policies, it has actively promoted the construction of low-rent housing, and people's livelihood engineering in the service and development zone. Now, it is promoting the construction of Gangxin Garden Residential Community which is located at Houzui Street in the Development Zone.
    Currently, the project under construction is Gangyi Garden Residential Community, covering an area of about 150 mus and a total construction area of 245,000 square meters. It is planned to provide with matched facilities of community stadium, vegetable market, property management center, commercial center, community clinic, kindergarten, etc.. The commercial real estate development in the Development Zone mainly depends on the urban construction in the central area, Zhichuang district, striving to modernize the Development Zone and optimize its investment environment. Presently, NewHeadLine Commercial Edifice has been put into use, and the Finance Edifice and other large projects are under construction in the Development Zone. Once completed, they will provide guarantee for the transformation and upgrading, and the leap development of the Development Zone.