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Job Announcement


    Jiangsu NewHeadLine Development Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise approved to establish by Lianyungang Municipal People's Government. The registered capital of the company is RMB 9.9 billion, with 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 4 subsidiaries and 6 joint-stock companies. Business scopes involve financial services, equity investment, landscaping, real estate development, property management and other fields. In 2011, the company was selected into the "Service Industry TOP 100 in Jiangsu." In 2013, the company achieved operating revenue of RMB 2.43 billion, with total profit of RMB 331million. By the end of 2013, the total asset of the company is RMB 22.611 billion. Due to the company's development needs, the company proposes to openly recruit a finance staff. Specific issues are as follows:
I.Criteria and Requirements of the Recruiting Finance Staff
   1. Basic Criteria
(1) Upright style, good character, excellent work ethic and team spirit;
(2)Having the practicing qualifications licensing and professional and technical posts of the recruiting position; 
(3) Good physical health with the condition required by the recruiting position;
(4) No bad record, qualified in political censorship and comprehensive evaluation.
   2. Position Requirements
(1) Bachelor degree or above, accounting majors;
(2) Under 45 years old (borne after 1969);
(3) Over 5 years accounting work experience and at least 3 years leadership experience of financial administrator;
(4) Medium level accountant or above;
(5) Skilled use of Kingdee and other accounting software and office software;
(6) In good comprehensive of national financial policies, accounting regulations and tax policies.
1. Registration Time: October 13th, 2014- October 16th, 2014(within workdays), 8∶30—11:30am, 14∶30—17∶30pm.
2. Registration:
(1). On-site registration: No.601, Huaguoshan Road, Lingang Industrial District, Lianyuangang Economic and Development Zone
(2). Online Registration: Candidates are required to pack the information, name the file in the form of "position + Name", and send the information to the mailbox:
(3). Contact: Mr.Li, Miss Zhao;
Telephone: 0518-85882900
(4). Registration Materials: on-site registration is required to submit the "Staff Recruitment Application Form of NewHeadLine Development Group " (Attachment), one recently bareheaded 2-inch color photo with the same bottom, ID card, the original and copy of diploma, degree certificate, qualification certificate and other relevant certificates or technical positions; online registration is required to attach the registration form and the scanned copies of the above documents. And before the examination, please submit the relevant original documents to the company for audit. Those who pass the audit shall be allowed to attend the exam.
III. Examination
The specific examination form is determined by the position applying situation.
IV. Recruitment and Management
1. Recruiting staff will uniformly sign the labor contract. Staffs who pass the evaluation after probation will continue to be employed, for those who fail to pass will be terminated labor relations.
2. Salary and benefits and daily management of the recruiting staff shall be performed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company.
Jiangsu NewHeadLine Development Group Co., Ltd.
    October 13th, 2014